Population Genetics Technologies (PGT)

PGT was founded in 2005 by Nobel Laureate Sydney Brenner and his colleagues Sam Eletr and Philip Goelet. Their vision was to create and commercialize nucleic acid biochemistry tools and approaches,referred to as “chemware” by Sydney, that would contribute to a better understanding of the inherent complexity of human, animal, plant and microbiological genomes. The founders realized that useful applications of genomic information would require acquiring and processing data from large numbers of samples of a population in order to draw statistically valid inferences about the role of genetics as a cause of traits or disease. To advance this vision, the Company from its inception focused its efforts on developing novel concepts that would take advantage of the enormous throughput of next generation sequencing (NGS) in the most efficient possible manner. Since PGT’s founding, a broad portfolio of over 30 patents have issued in the US, EU and other major markets. The company is pursuing its objectives with revenues from licensing deals and funding from Auriga Partners and Compass Genetics Investors LLC.


PGT is now focusing its business on licensing its compelling intellectual properties to leading companies in the infectious disease molecular diagnostic and broader sequencing and life science tools sectors that have the capabilities and resources to bring our technologies to market and through, where needed, the required regulatory approval. To complement this focus, PGT is developing collaborations with high profile research groups, primarily in academia and non-profit institutions to provide further validation and application of the core PGT intellectual property (and thus enhancing its value). PGT is also developing novel “chemware” that will enable further product development in the infectious disease molecular diagnostics and broader sequencing sectors.